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Founder Dr Erik Kowalke

Nothing else comes close.

Chiropractor Dr. Erik Kowalke is on a mission to transform how chiropractic offices and patients schedule and reschedule appointments.

SKED is an intelligent platform that’s transforming how chiropractic patients manage their care plans, cancel and reschedule appointments 24/7, get more reviews, send appointment reminders, and much more.

Using the combined expertise from a team of highly experienced chiropractors and highly-skilled engineers, we’ve built an exclusive, new, simple approach to the $12 billion patient management market—a market that hasn’t seen innovation like this in 20+ years.

SKED offers chiropractors a solution with robust integration capabilities for offices that currently use Genesis, ChiroTouch, or Platinum EHR Systems. With SKED currently serving hundreds of chiropractic offices and hundreds of thousands of patients across the United States.

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Meet Dr. Erik Kowalke D.C.

Dr. Erik grew up in Arbor Vitae, WI. From a very young age he had the mind and heart of an engineer, so it was only natural for him to attend Michigan Technological University to pursue a degree of Mechanical Engineering.

  • When he experienced relief from chronic allergies through chiropractic care, he became intrigued with how the body works.
  • It was then he realized that true health came from the inside out, not the other way around with over the counter medications and prescription drugs.
  • The human body is the greatest machine ever built; no man has yet to make or duplicate a human cell!
  • This is exactly what drove Dr. Erik to become a Chiropractic Doctor.
Dr Erik Kowalke's Family
Healthier Spines = Healthier Lives!

“The human body is amazing; now as a ‘spinal engineer’ it is my mission to help people realize their God-given health potential through specific, scientific, chiropractic care.”

Dr. Erik Kowalke’s Credentials:

  • Certified Advanced Proficiency in Torque Release Technique
  • Adjunct faculty member of Life University and Palmer College of Chiropractic
  • Life University, Magna Cum Laude, Doctorate of Chiropractic
  • Webster Technique Certification: Enabling him to provide the safest and most effective chiropractic care to pregnant women throughout their pregnancy
  • Speaks and teaches nationally to thousands of chiropractic students and doctors every year
  • Member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Extensive clinical training in pediatric care
  • Michigan Technological University, Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
  • Published in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

Our Why

We desperately needed a better solution to two BIG problems in our office. My team was spending way too much time on the phone and everyone HATED making missed appointment phone calls. I looked into the numerous text messaging solutions and all of them had created more work.

First, I couldn’t customize my messages by appointment code, all messages were the same.

Second, if a patient wanted to change an appointment, they would use 2-way texting, which just takes my team member from the phone
to managing another platform.

I wanted an automated solution where patients could use an app and my team didn’t have to do anything, syncing instantly to our EHR system.

SKED was born.

Now it has grown into so many options for customized messaging, keeping patients on their recommendations, automated missed appointment notifications, online new patient scheduling, making appointments at screenings, mobile barcode scanning and so much more. Everything is driven by efficiency to free up you and your team to be more present with your patients.

I’m Doctor Eric Kowalke with SKED.

I’m a chiropractor in Michigan.

We started this for the chiropractic profession, so if you’re a chiropractor, you’ve gotta check this out.

Likely, it’s something you’ve never even heard of.

You don’t even know this exists.

It’s a scheduling company that allows us to customize an app for your office, put it in the pocket of every single one of your patients.

So not only can you do appointment reminders and two-way text messaging, and all of that stuff that helps get people into your office, it allows you to engage with them at a much higher level, connect with them.

The average person is looking at their phone and seeing messages within a minute after sending them.

So, you can customize internally in your office, when you want people to be able to schedule.

What times you want to see, which appointments.

How many providers do you have?

What kind of services do you offer?

Do you offer massage, or PT, or rehab, or classes?

All of that can be customized, and then SKED syncs their specific app in your patient’s phone to your EHR system automatically.

Saving your team an enormous amount of time and keeping your schedule accurate, so that you can function and be the most efficient possible in your office without managing it constantly day to day.

So check out SKED, get a demo, it’s gonna blow your mind.

You’ll be shocked that you haven’t even learned about this, and you’ll be like, how did I not know about this?

Honestly, it’s great, and it transformed how our office functions.

And people rave about it, just the ease of use all the time.

So, check it out.

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“SKED saves us time and so much aggravation, not to mention it's like having another employee!”
Slainte Chiropractic, LLC
“We opened with SKED. It has been MAGICAL. It saves an incredible amount of time for our team members and practice members.”
Credence Chiropractic
“It's wonderful! It's like having another Team Member or Chiropractic Assistant. It also gives your patients the flexibility without feeling like they are taking time away from the office. This also keeps patients on their recommended care plan.”
Invigorate chiropractic
“We absolutely love Sked and are so thankful to have it in our office! I honestly believe we would not have all the Practice Members we currently do, if it weren't for having Sked.”
Integral Chiropractic Co.
“Automated scheduling frees up our staff to focus more on our patients in the office and customer care! Ultimately it improves efficiency and flexibility which is a game-changer for any practice!”
Okemos Family Chiropractic