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AI Can Ruin Your Business If You Let It Run You

In the era of rapid technological advancement, the term “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) has gained significant traction. 

While the concept of utilizing technology to streamline processes and save time is appealing, compromising on the personalized, authentic touch of your practice can be detrimental.

Sometimes, in the pursuit of efficiency, we forget the value of a genuine connection with our patients. It’s easy to get carried away with the tech and lose sight of what truly matters.

Are you considering integrating automation into your chiropractic practice? Let’s explore how we can strike a balance between using technology and preserving the essence of compassionate patient care, by leveraging automations (not AI) within your practice.

Personalization is Key

Effective communication is at the heart of any successful chiropractic practice. Are you ensuring that your messages resonate with each patient on a personal level? Tailoring your communication to address specific patient needs and concerns can significantly enhance their experience and strengthen their connection with your practice.

Timing and Relevance Matter

The timely delivery of the right message is crucial. Consider implementing systems that allow you to deliver relevant information to your patients when they need it the most. Striking the balance between timely communication and avoiding overwhelming your patients is vital for maintaining their engagement and trust.

Establish Control and Authenticity 

While automation can undoubtedly create more free time for you, it’s imperative to retain control over the messages being sent out. Your voice and expertise should remain at the forefront of all communications. Authenticity builds trust, and your patients will appreciate the genuine connection you establish with them.

When it comes to automating your practice, finding the right tools that align with your vision and values is essential. Platforms like SKED offer a unique approach, enabling you to customize messages and maintain a personal touch while streamlining administrative tasks. Founded by a fellow chiropractor, SKED understands the specific needs of your practice and empowers you to optimize your communication and scheduling without compromising your authenticity.

If you’re looking to enhance your practice through effective automation and streamlined communication, consider exploring how SKED can support your journey. Remember, the right automation can be a powerful asset, but it should always compliment your mission, not overshadow it.

Don’t let technology take the lead. Take charge, stay authentic, and continue making a meaningful impact within your community.

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Chiropractors Love Using SKED

Dive deep into real opinions and genuine insights, where past customers inform your future purchasing decisions.

“Using SKED is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made in terms of communication with our patients. The number of missed appointments have gone down significantly... and patients love using the patient app to schedule after hours.

Dr. Bryan Natusch

Upper Valley Chiropractic

“SKED is a perfect example of how our TRP docs use technology for leverage when scaling their practices. SKED’s intelligent features make conversion and retention easier - and growth automatic. It pays for itself Day 1 of every month.

Dr. Stephen Franson

The Remarkable Practice

"SKED allows offices and their teams to scale their IMPACT, their CONTRIBUTION, and their INCOME - instead of their headaches."

Dr. Sebastian Bonnin

AlignLife Guaynabo

Over 2 decades of expeirence, in a network of 35+ other locations with AlignLife.