Genesis Integration

Are you looking for a practice member engagement automation software that works with Genesis… That’s us!

With SKED you get to continue to use the same software your Chiropractic Assistants are trained in. Meanwhile, you get all the features not found within Genesis like appointment reminders, one-time messages, and practice member online scheduling.

genesis app store

What it looks like in Genesis App Store!

What is the install process?

  1. After purchase, you will be sent a link to sign up for an install call.
  2. You will need to enable the SKED App in the Available Apps in Genesis.
  3. SKED Experience Team Member will complete the install. The Experience Team Member will also customize SKED to your office’s needs during this call.
  4. A separate call will be scheduled to train your team on how to use SKED.

How does SKED sync with Genesis?

SKED syncs the PM’s name, phone number, email, and appointment times in Genesis. Any changes, from the office or PM, will update in Genesis, the SKED Admin (where you log-in), and the PM’s app. It’s as easy as that

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See what a Genesis office is saying…


“SKED greatly reduced our no shows. It’s revolutionizing and changing our practice.”

-Invision Chiropractic Co.