Activating Reviews Feature

A NEW Way for You To Get Reviews
and Increase Your Online Stars ?⭐? 

We’ve had a ton of people reach out to us saying they wanted an easy way to have practice members leave reviews. You asked and we made it happen!

To activate this new feature, click the ellipse menu in the top right and choose Reviews.  Then follow the steps below to set it up! 


Decide where you want your practice members to write reviews.

Choose between Facebook or Google for your reviews (you can only choose ONE).  We’ve found from our testing, if you give both options to practice members, they are less likely to follow through and write a review. This is the reason why we decided that one choice is best.

If you are using Facebook, paste in your business page link. If you currently do not have reviews turned ON, click here to learn how to activate reviews on Facebook.

If you are using Google, paste in your business page link. Click here to get your google review business page link. If you haven’t verified your business, you will need to do so to have the reviews show. To learn how to become verified click here.


Upload your company logo.

Click the “Choose File” button to upload your office logo from your computer.  

Make sure that it is a high-quality image.  As long as it’s over 600px, it should look good. ?


Choose the timing and frequency of the review requests.

The Minutes to Wait, is the amount of time (in minutes) that SKED waits to send the review text after a client’s appointment.

The Days to Resend, is the number of days before another review request is sent to the practice member.

The Final STEP!

Enable your Review Requests.

Check the box next to Enabled and hit the “SAVE” button! You are now set up to receive reviews from your practice members.


Once you’ve enabled your reviews, your practice member’s will be sent a link in an email or text, depending on what notifications they have enabled.

Here is an example of the message sent to your practice members.

When they click the link it will take them to a page like this:

If they choose the “Yes” button, they will be taken to the review link that you entered in STEP 1.

If they choose the “No” button, they will be taken to a different page where they can leave a review and give you a star rating. Their review will then be sent to the Reviews section on the left side of your Admin.  

Psst, this way the bad reviews are stored in SKED where you can read them and gain valuable feedback, but not lower your social media rating!

Note: You need to checked-in practice members for them to receive a review request!


You might be wondering, hmmm how do I read my reviews?


Go to your chosen social network review page and read the good reviews.


Go to the “Reviews” tab on the left side of your SKED Admin.

You will be able to click on the client’s name to see the full Bad review.

Good reviews are not recorded in SKED
You will need to go to the social network review page to read them.

You can find out who your reviews requests were sent to by clicking the Requests tab.

We hope that this will be helpful for your office and that you will receive a ton of good reviews!

If you have any questions about our new Reviews feature, or if you need help setting it up, please reach out to our team at!

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