Birthday Messages

Make your members feel extra special on their birthday by sending them a message!

SKED does not currently sync over birthday information.  However, you can assign a special code for birthday appointments, and setup a recurring message to be sent to them. 


  1. Create a new appointment type/code for birthdays in your EHR system. 
  2. Create a new appointment for your practice member on their birthday using the Birthday Code. 
  3. Create a recurring message to be sent according to the Birthday Code. 
  4. Let SKED do its thing! SKED will send your message even if your office is closed for that day making your members feel that much more loved. 

*Be sure to uncheck the ‘Can See’ box in your appointment settings so that the birthday appointment doesn’t show in the app.*

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please reach out to us at 

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