Closing Limits for Appointments

From your SKED admin you have the capability to set a Closing Limit for each appointment type. This will restrict the availability for appointments to be scheduled or rescheduled through the app and web module. This is perfect for appointment types that take a longer amount of time to complete. If you have certain appointment types that you don’t want practice members to reschedule or schedule when your office is trying to close, the closing limit will prevent them from scheduling within so many minutes of your office closing! Now members can’t reschedule a re-eval 5 minutes before the office closes for the day. 

Here’s how…

  1. Go to your Professionals tab on the left side of your SKED Admin.
  2. Click on an appointment type that you would like to set a Closing Limit for. This will open an editing box for your appointment settings. 
  3. Check the box to enable the Closing Limit and enter in how many minutes prior to closing you would like the last available appointment. Once you enter the time click save

    If your office closes at 6:00 and you set your Closing Limit to 15 minutes, that means the last available time to schedule or reschedule this specific appointment type would be 5:45.

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