How to Create a Template

SKED does not currently allow the ability to create “templates”, as the templates that are created are shared with all offices using SKED. However, we do have a trick to help you get around that by creating a draft message and then duplicating it. Here’s how!

1.  Go to your Inbox Tab, and use the compose button or one of the templates, to create a new message.

2. Edit the message the way you want it, and instead of sending it, hit the “Save as Draft” button.

3. Now in drafts, click the duplicate button under “Actions” (see image). This will create a copy of the message. Presto it’s just like a template. You can use it over and over.

4.  Make any changes that are necessary to the duplicate message (i.e. changing who you are sending it to or when the message should be sent)

5.  When you are done making changes click send and your message will be sent out!

6.  The original message will still be in the drafts folder so you can reuse it again and again, just like a template!

**  You can also duplicate a message that you have already sent by going to your Outbox, and selecting duplicate from under the “Actions” column.

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