How to Group Families in SKED

With SKED you have the ability to manage multiple accounts from one app, so if you have a parent who wants to make appointment changes for their kids, they can!

First, you will need to group the family in Genesis.  Genesis grouping is done based on barcodes, so you will need to make sure everyone that you want to be grouped together has the same barcode.

To clarify, in Genesis you will group families using the manage barcode tab, then assign each family member a specific code so that you check in with your particular code.

Once they all have the same barcode, SKED will sync this information over to their app.  The clients will then go into the settings tab on the app, select group, and then turn on/off the accounts they want to manage in the app.

After they have selected the accounts they want to manage, they can go back to the home screen and use the arrows to scroll through the different accounts!

***If you have any further questions on grouping in SKED please reach out to us for support at***

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