How to Restart your SKED Services

If your SKED admin is displaying a red triangle with the word “Disconnected” your SKED services are not syncing with your EHR system properly. These are the steps you can take to get your SKED services up and running again. 

1. Find the program in Windows called Services on your SERVER computer.
2. When you open Services, find SKED.sync.
3. If SKED.sync is not running select it and to the left there will be an area that says “Start the Service” (or you can right-click on SKED.sync and select start). 
4. If SKED.sync is already running select “Stop the Service” and then “Restart the service”. Your SKED services should turn back on and say ‘Running’.
5. Be sure to check that the Sked.monitor is also ‘Running’. If not follow the same steps to restart it.
6. The final check is to go into your SKED admin and look in the top right corner. You should see the word “Connected” with a green checkmark. This means that SKED is back online!

Here is a video tutorial on how to Restart Your SKED Services

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