How to Send a One Time Message

1. On the left-hand side of your admin page, select Inbox then select Compose. 

2. Create a Message Title.  This will be for your team’s reference. (Practice members will not see this title)

3. Next, choose who you want the message to be sent to:

  • By Appointment (The message will be sent to the appointment types you choose based on the date range you select)
  • Clients (Search & select practice members names manually)
  • Everyone (Includes everyone in your client database) 

4. Then select how you want the notification to be sent. (via email, text, push, or all three)

5. Next, select when the message should be sent.

  • Immediately (This will send out your message right away
  • Scheduled (This allows you to select the exact date and time you wish the message to be sent out) 

6. Choose your Message Subject. (This is the first line your practice members will see in their text or email) 

  • Then fill out the body of the message using the place holders on the right, to make your message more personal. 

7. Once everything is filled out select send and your message will generate and send!

EXAMPLE: This is a one time message being sent out to a PM inviting them to the Progressive Report of Findings: 

Hi {{client.firstName}},
Thank you for allowing us to serve you. Please call us at _____________ to schedule your next appointment where we will discuss the progress you have made and the doctor’s recommendations moving forward. 
Have a blessed day,
________________ Team

Video Tutorial Listed Below

How to Create a One Time Message

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