How To Send An Attachment in your Messages

Currently, SKED does not have the ability to add files, images, or graphics directly to your messages. However, you can insert links into your messages. A lot of offices use links to redirect their PMs to different pages, images, or events.  

A great and simple way to alert PMs of current promotions, activities or happenings at your office is by doing the following: 

1. Get the file, image, or page on a public web service. A few simple ways is to use services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, a Facebook page post, etc.

2. Copy the URL for the file or page that you want to link them to.

3. Log-in to the SKED Admin. Go to your Inbox, click the Compose button to start a one time message.

4. Write the subject and body to the message.

5. Paste the URL into the body of your message. 

Here’s an Example:

Message Subject: You’re Invited To Our Dinner With the Doc! 

Message Body:  Hello {{client.firstName}} {{client.lastName}},
We have a special event coming up in our office called “Dinner With The Doc” located at 213 Truman Lane, Wallowbee! We would love to personally invite you along with 3 other guests you feel would benefit from chiropractic care to this event on Friday, June 23! Click here to learn more:

To confirm your availability simply reply “C” and our office will follow up with you to confirm the number of guests that will be joining you!

**If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our team at**

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