Registering a Practice Member who Transferred from Another Office.

If you have a new patient who wants to start using SKED at your office, but already has a SKED account with a previous office, you will need to have them re-register with your office.

To re-register a practice member who has transferred from another office that is also using SKED there are a few steps they will need to take before they can be connected with your office.

 Have them follow these steps. 

  1. Login to the current account with the former office
  2. Go to settings and disable all notifications
  3. Stay in settings and go to email and change the login email to add a +1 before the @ symbol. 
  4. Logout of the app and clear the cache by swiping out of the app to completely close it.
  5. Re-open the app and Click on the New User Registration link
  6. Register using the new office info – provider ID & member ID
  7. Create a username with their correct email address and create a password

After they follow these steps they will be fully connected to your office and will be able to receive notifications and reply back to your office. 

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