Scheduling Online with the SKED Web Module

Make scheduling easier for your practice members and your office.

The Web Module allows new patients to request appointments and existing patients are able to schedule appointments. Existing patient appointments will sync automatically to your EHR system and SKED, while new patient appointment information will be sent to your office via email – this is so that a new member doesn’t schedule without your office fully knowing about them. 

How to set up your Web Module Settings

1. Open your SKED Admin, select the drop-down menu in the top right, and select Web Module.

2. Under Usable Appointment Types, choose which professional(s) you would like members to schedule with. 

3. Choose which types of appointments you would like existing members to schedule through the web module (ie. adjustments, massage, etc…). 

4. Next, select if you would like new clients to be able to request appointments through the web module and choose which professional(s) and type of appointment (N) they can request. 

5. Next check the boxes for which parts of the web module you want to show on your website.

6. Then copy the ‘iframe’ link and paste it into the build of your website.

Click on the link below for a short video on how to utilize your web module. 

Web Module Tutorial

Web Module Tips for New Offices:

1. The web module allows you to create a new patient appointment from your website while you are at events. Once a new appointment is scheduled your office will be sent an email with the appointment information. You will need to enter the information manually into your EHR system and once that is done it will sync to SKED. 

2. If you are a new office, and haven’t opened yet you can setup your recurring automated messaging to reach your new clients before your office opens.  Here is an example of how to set up your messaging:

TWO Weeks before the new patient appointment send out an email with a welcome video from yourself, letting them know you are getting closer to your open date and you are excited to see them. Maybe include links to info on your webpage.

ONE Week out – setup another recurring email confirming things are on schedule and they should fill out paperwork online and get it submitted into your office.

24 hours before the new patient appointment you can send a text, email and push notification that confirms their appointment and asks them to reply C to confirm they are coming. This way you’ll get an email or text reply and you’ll have a much better idea of show up rate.

3. All of this can be setup once and forgotten about it. Set it up 4 weeks in advance and then all you have to do is schedule clients through a web browser. All the emails, texts, and push notifications will trigger automatically. 

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