Showing the Correct ChiroTouch Appointment In SKED

Currently, with SKED’s development, the app can only show one appointment type per appointment. This means in ChiroTouch if you schedule one appointment with multiple codes, only the first code listed will show on SKED (they go in alphabetical order). 

Example: An appointment is scheduled for and Adjustment and a Re-evaluation in ChiroTouch. The adjustment type is what SKED will pull – it will send messages based off this appointment type and the pm will be able to view and edit the appointment according to the settings set for this type. If you prefer that the appointment shows as a Re-evaluation and messages are sent according to this type you will want to change the appointment in ChiroTouch to just be a Re-evaluation. 

This video helps to explain how to make sure your appointments are showing correctly in SKED.

Showing Correct Appointments in SKED

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