SKED is all setup. What do I do next?

After you’ve had your SKED Training, the next step is to test the system and then release it to your Patients.

– You should have the app downloaded from the training, so login to your account and do some testing. Here are some examples of what you can test:

> Make changes to your schedule in your EHR system, and confirm they change in your SKED app. 
> Create new appointments in the app and confirm they show in your EHR system.
> Reschedule/Cancel appointments in the app to see how they move in your EHR system.

– Once you have finished testing and you are now ready to release the app to your patients!

– You should have received a SKED banner and an email with a PDF attachment of our SKED Flyers. (if not please let us know so we can send it to you)

– Use the flyers to help introduce SKED in your office.  The handouts will also help get patients to download the app and start using it. These tools will help get the word out to your patients and bring you to the last step which would be having your patients use SKED to schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments!

*Please contact us at if you have any other questions, suggestions or feedback. We are happy to help!*

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