Special Office Hours

With SKED you can create special office hours through your admin site. You can add an office closing OR opening through the “Office Hours” tab in your admin.  Here’s how!

  1. Click on “Office Hours”
  2. Click on “Special Office Hours”
  3. Next click “Add New Hours”
  4. Name the reason why you are closing or opening your office. Your practice members will not see the internal name. 
  5. Fill out a brief reason which your practice members will see in the app.
  6. Chose the dates of your special hours. 
  7. If you are closing your office for the whole day keep the box checked for closed, but if you are closing or opening your office for part of the day, un-check the box and put in the hours you will be available that day.

** The Special Office Hours affect every provider’s schedule.  If you have multiple providers, and one provider will be gone for part of the day but the other docs will be adjusting as normal you will need to add these special hours directly to your provider’s schedules instead.**

Here is a video tutorial on how to create special office hours

Below is a video on how to set your office hours for part of the day:

*Please contact us at info@sked.life if you have any other questions, suggestions or feedback. We are happy to help!*

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