Syncing Appointments from iPhone to Mac Computer

For Apple Users:

You can sync the events from your iPhone calendar to your Mac calendar by following the steps below.

1. In your SKED App, go to Settings Calendar Integration. Make sure calendar syncing has been enabled for the Phone Calendar

2.​ On your iPhone, go to Settings Passwords & Accounts Subscribed Calendars Chiropractic Care. 

3. Next, on your Mac computer launch the Calendar application.
4. In the Menu Bar, go to File > New Calendar Subscription.
5. In the Calendar URL field, type https:// and then copy/paste the URL found in the Server​ value on your iPhone (shown in image 1 below) into the Calendar URL on your mac, shown in image 2 > Subscribe.

6. At this point, you may change the name of the calendar, its color, and a few other settings. But the most important part is to choose “iCloud” from the Location menu. Doing this will effectively turn the calendar subscription into an iCloud calendar. Next, select “Ok”

After following these steps, your appointments should sync to the calendar on your computer. Please let us know if you have any questions about this. Thank you!

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