Two Way Messaging through SKED

Through SKED you are able to have a two way conversation with your practice members.

When your office sends out any type of message and it is delivered via text or email your PMs can respond back to you.

   * When a PM responds via text you will receive a notification next to your Inbox tab on your admin. 
   * Click on the message in your Inbox and you can type back a message to your PM. They will receive your message via text. 
   * You will also be able to see the full history of your messages between the office and that particular PM. 
   * You can also send a message to your PMs through their client page if you click on MessageThread

   * When a PM responds to an email you will receive an email to your office’s notification email address. 
   * If you open that email you can then respond back to your PM and it will be sent to them via email. 

For a step-by-step video, watch SKED Admin 2 Way Messaging! 

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