Where do patient message responses go?

If a patient receives a text reminder and wants to reply, where does it go? Is it an email, or does it go to the dashboard?

If they reply by text it will alert the office through the SKED Admin Inbox. A small notification number will show next to the Inbox if you have an unread message. Here in the Inbox, you can access the full conversation history between a patient and the office.

You can also receive email reminders for text messages, in addition to the Inbox alert.  To enable email reminders, go to the drop-down menu in the top right corner of your admin and select Settings.  Next check the box to enable the SMS Notification Settings.  Their text responses will then be sent to your notification email.

If the patient replies by email their message will be sent to your notification email, and you can respond back to them directly in that email.

Here is a short video about 2 way messaging!

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