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How to Generate More Online Reviews to Grow Your Practice & Share Your Mission

Are you ready to give your practice the exposure and recognition it deserves?

It will come as no surprise that consumers love to see a large number of reviews and research shows that this will impact their purchasing decisions related to your business. Here at SKED, we understand the crucial role online reviews play in establishing credibility and fostering trust.

Prospective patients often scour reviews to gauge the experiences of others with your practice, gaining insights into the impact you’ve had on their lives. Positive reviews not only attract warmer leads but also foster a sense of trust before any direct interaction takes place. Essentially, they act as a compelling prelude to what your practice can offer.

Without a large online presence of reviews, you’re losing out on new patients. When you make online reviews a priority in your office, you’ll establish social proof by creating a trustworthy reputation.

Let’s dive into a few things you should consider while you’re gearing up to harness the power of online reviews:

Review Metrics

How many Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews does your practice currently have?

Analyzing the current review metrics is crucial for understanding your practice’s online reputation. Take the time to assess the overall number of reviews across platforms. Consider not only the quantity but also the sentiment conveyed by these reviews. Positive reviews can serve as powerful testimonials, while any negative feedback should be seen as an opportunity for improvement. By gauging the current review metrics, you can develop a strategic plan to enhance your online presence and credibility.

Review Quality

Do your patients leave comprehensive stories or merely assign a star rating and move on?

Assessing the quality of the reviews your patients leave is crucial for understanding the depth of their experiences. Encourage patients to share detailed narratives that highlight specific aspects of their interactions with your practice. This could include the efficiency of your services, the professionalism of your staff, or the overall ambiance of your practice environment. Emphasize the significance of authentic storytelling, as it not only provides valuable feedback for your practice but also resonates with prospective patients, fostering a sense of trust and connection with your practice.

Consistency through Automation

Are you actively soliciting and accumulating new reviews, or is this area of your practice underdeveloped?

Consistency in soliciting and accumulating new reviews is pivotal for maintaining an up-to-date and dynamic online presence. Send out automated follow-up emails at suitable intervals after a patient’s visit, gently nudging them to share their thoughts. Consider adding a personal touch to your automated review requests during the check-out process or appointment reminders, making it easy and convenient for patients to provide feedback. You can also spice things up by introducing automated incentive programs that show your appreciation for their valuable feedback, motivating them to actively participate in shaping your practice’s online reputation.

With this friendly automation in place, you’re not just maintaining consistency in your review collection; you’re also creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for your patients. Let automation take the lead, allowing your team to focus on delivering exceptional care and nurturing a warm and approachable atmosphere for your practice.

Team Involvement

Who in your team can spearhead the implementation of strategies outlined in the webinar?

Identifying the key team members responsible for driving the implementation of review-generating strategies is essential for the success of your initiative. Encourage open communication among your staff to foster a collaborative approach. Delegate specific responsibilities to individuals who exhibit a strong understanding of your practice’s ethos and are adept at engaging with patients. Empower this designated team to lead the charge in motivating patients to leave detailed and honest reviews, ultimately amplifying the impact of your online presence.

Get Started with Your Reviews

Ready to supercharge your practice? Our ‘How To Generate More Reviews’ resource is here to help! Discover how to automate reviews, encourage sharing, and even make leaving reviews a fun experience for your patients!

Curious to learn more about how SKED can revolutionize your review collection process with just a few simple clicks? We’d love to chat! Schedule a call with our exceptional team today and discover how SKED can automate your review collection seamlessly.

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