We wanted to let you know that our development team has released a SKED app update! This update will improve the scheduling function within the app and help prevent overbooking from happening in your EHR.

What’s new?

This update will now show your practice members the status of their appointments! Immediately after an appointment is made in the app, your app user will see a pending status until the appointment has been confirmed. For Platinum and ChiroTouch offices, the status will typically update instantly and it can take up to a minute for Genesis offices.

If the appointment they are trying to schedule is not available, the appointment status will read failed. App users will be given an option to send our team an error report for any failed appointments, which will help us to resolve the issue.

We are always striving to make SKED the best that it can be!

What do practice members need to do?

In order for your app users to see this change, they will need to update their SKED app. The Android update should be available on 10/25, and the iPhone update is expected to be available on 10/28. App users can update their SKED chiropractic app by going to the app store and looking for available updates.

Please be sure to update to version 3.1.29.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.