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After beginning SKED, Innate Chiropractic broke 50,000 visits for adjustments and had a 93% show up rate

“One of our biggest concerns we had before going to SKED and early on, was our show-up rate…with SKED we’ve seen better increase and better show up rates.”

Dr. Erik Bower

Innate Chiropractic


Innate Chiropractic broke 50,000 visits for the first time in 2019 after partnering with SKED and ended up with a 93% show up rate! Dr. Brower said, “One of our biggest concerns we had before going to SKED and early on, was our show-up rate.” Innate Chiropractic has since experienced more increase in their practice, a better show up rate, and their practice members are loving SKED too!
“For people to make things a habit, you have to make it easy, and SKED allows them to do that!”

-Dr. Erik Brower


Innate Chiropractic has been able to capture more reviews using SKED’s automated review request feature. You can completely customize your patient experience, and automate when you want your patients to receive a review request!

SKED makes capturing reviews SO EASY! Dr. Brower loves that SKED completely automates the review requests so they don’t have to ask people for reviews. “Everyday we are getting positive 5 star reviews.” – Dr. Erik Brower

Integrates Instantly

Effortless rescheduling, customization, and mass communication at your fingertips. We’re syncing to your EHR faster than it takes you to heat up that bag of popcorn.

Chiropractors Love Using SKED

Dive deep into real opinions and genuine insights, where past customers inform your future purchasing decisions.

“Using SKED is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made in terms of communication with our patients. The number of missed appointments have gone down significantly... and patients love using the patient app to schedule after hours.

Dr. Bryan Natusch

Upper Valley Chiropractic

“SKED is a perfect example of how our TRP docs use technology for leverage when scaling their practices. SKED’s intelligent features make conversion and retention easier - and growth automatic. It pays for itself Day 1 of every month.

Dr. Stephen Franson

The Remarkable Practice

"SKED allows offices and their teams to scale their IMPACT, their CONTRIBUTION, and their INCOME - instead of their headaches."

Dr. Sebastian Bonnin

AlignLife Guaynabo

Over 2 decades of expeirence, in a network of 35+ other locations with AlignLife.