Startup Checklist


Sign up for SKED

– During purchase, you will choose a password. Then you will be logged into the SKED Admin. There is a link above (Office Log-in) to the admin page, but it saves a step to bookmark it! All settings will be configured during the install call.

Schedule your Install Meeting

– Use the link in your welcome email OR use this link: Schedule Install Call

During this one hour meeting, we will install SKED and configure it for your office.

The person on this call should have admin access to the computer (and server if you are using Platinum or ChiroTouch).

They should also be able to make decisions for your office (like if you want email and SMS, reminders set to all appointment codes or just some of them, etc).

Prior to Install

– Please have the email and password that was chosen when SKED was purchased. 

– Create a new user in your EHR system, named
First Name: SKED
Last Name: Support
this will be used for our team to troubleshoot issues your office/PMs report.

– Download, we will use this to access and install SKED on your server.


– On your SERVER computer.

  • Make sure all Windows updates are installed (restart your computer after updates).
  • Make sure that .NET is installed


Schedule your Training Meeting

– Use the link in your after install email OR use this link: Schedule Training Call

During this one hour meeting, we will show you how to use SKED and answer any questions you have.

Invite all your team to this call!



Download the app yourself and do some testing. Here are some examples of what you can test:

  • Make a schedule change in your EHR system and confirm that it changes in your SKED app.
  • Change an appointment in SKED and make sure it changes in your EHR.
  • Make an appointment and see that it shows up in your app.
  • Send out a text and email message from the SKED Admin to yourself.
  • Make changes to office hours, confirm that they change in the app.


Have a few Users Sign Up for SKED

– Have a few of your PMs Install the SKED app and do the same type of testing you did after your install.

– Have them use the app for the week to ensure there are no problems. If you do come across any issues send us an email at and we can help you out.


Schedule a Follow-up Meeting (optional)

– Use the link in your after install email OR use this link: Schedule Follow-up Call

This is usually scheduled about 1 week after training, just to make sure everything is running smoothly and all your questions are answered 🙂


Tell All Your PMs About SKED

– You should have been sent a custom flyer that you can print and give to your PMs or broadcast an email telling them to sign-up! We even have a template for you! Go to the SKED Admin Inbox, Templates tab, and choose the “Introducing SKED Step #1“ email. You are ready to go!


**If you have any questions or issues, check out our website help center OR shoot us an email at We are happy to help!