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DC Michael Risoldi - Risoldi Family Chiropractic
star testimonials

DC Michael Risoldi

Risoldi Family Chiropractic

It’s a great and easy way for our patients to reschedule their own appointments. We spend less time on the phone and more time being available to the patients in the office!

Kate Hill Credence Chiropractic
star testimonials

Kate Hill, Community Outreach Coordinator

Credence Chiropractic

We opened with SKED. It has been MAGICAL. It saves an incredible amount of time for our team members and practice members.

Dr. Kevin Schultz

Invigorate chiropractic

Before we started using SKED a team member would need to answer phone calls, call patient for missed appointments or try and remember to catch them on their next visit. SKED has streamlined the scheduling process for patients with busy schedules. It allows patients to go on their apps during meetings, in a coffee drive-thru, or in our parking lot to change and move around appointments. It’s wonderful! It’s like having another Team Member or Chiropractic Assistant. It also gives your patients the flexibility without feeling like they are taking time away from the office. This also keeps patients on their recommended care plan.

Dr Kirby Perrault Okemos Family Chiropractic
star testimonials

Dr. Kirby Perrault

Okemos Family Chriopractic – Okemos MI

Automated scheduling frees up our staff to focus more on our patients in the office and customer care! Ultimately it improves efficiency and flexibility which is a game changer for any practice!


Sarah Chiropractic Patient
star testimonials


Patient at Highest Health Chiropractic

My work schedule is very unpredictable. When I need to change my appointment at the last minute, SKED is super easy to use. It’s fast and convenient!

Flourish Chiropractic Client
star testimonials

Dublin, OH

Flourish Chiropractic Client

SKED is awesome. Being a business owner I have meetings go late all the time and being able to use the app allows me to switch my visit to a better time that day or allows me to easily make a visit when I’m in the area with a new client.